May 26th, 2016 Weather Conditions

After three days of May (sort of) at the tail of the month, we are back into the wandering S Colorado low along the the S border from Arizona to New Mexico.

This pattern has been repetitive through April and May.

This will impact our weather into the weekend. Thunder snows and rain in the valleys. The low will slowly transit the southern border for the the next two days.

This will keep temps cool with some outflow winds.

By Sunday things should look better but improvement won’t occur till mid week.

El Nino is dying and moving to ENSO neutral by late june/july. We will then transit to La Nina. Long Range forecasts trend towards lower precip for the coming fall.

It appears that the salad days of the “Godzilla” El nino are waning.

The fly in the ointment is sea surface temps holding steady. As well as trade wind patterns.

By Wednesday a dirty ridge of High pressure will be over our area, and strengthen by next weekend, for a real impact of summer.

Boaters be ware! All rivers are working up their flows. See the river flow page.

Dolores release is put off at least a week. Put in’s; Take outs; and campsites have been compromised drastically by overgrowth, mud and new rockfall.

It has been five years since a decent flush.

Look for June 3rd ramp up.