Apr 30th, 2016 Weather Conditions

The second of wandering lows is transiting the southern border of Colorado at this time. Counter-clockwise rotation is bringing wrap around moisture into our area as with the previous system, and likely the next low as well. The southern jet is streaming up through central Mexico into Texas and the Gulf coast, affecting us little, but hammering the Bible Belt and Mid-west with the collision of the lows in our area and the warm moist jet flow as it lifts and wavers through the mid west.

The next low is dropping into the great basin in Nevada and will bring a continuation of rocky weather through Tuesday, easily.

Apparently, the March dumps are here in April.

This has been the pattern for several years as climate change pushes “normal” flows forward a month or so.

Look at the January thaw that happens in the San Juans every year for the 40 years I have been here.

This year it was all of February.

In any event, the weather will be rocky for the next 5 days, then a high will bring warm temps for 3- 4 days before the next Pacific pulse pumps through with more moisture.