Apr 14th, 2016 Weather Conditions

A major storm is marshaling it’s forces for this weekend. All components ¬†are in play – N cold front colliding with southern moisture – a wandering stagnant S low entraining copious moisture – wind, low pressure associated lift, orographics, return flow, and slow movement of the overall system eastward, and cold air advection.

Building cirrus and alto cumulous are already in place, as well as some building wind. All models are in good agreement on the progression of this storm into the weekend, tapering off by Tuesday.

Snow levels will be lowering to 8,000′ or lower. Likely down to 6,000′

Accumulations over the four day span will be measured feet, not inches.

As usual, more at higher elevations, less lower.

This system will be slow to clear out, but fair spring weather should be back by mid to late next week.

Another system will move in on a more zonal flow by the following Monday. This looks fairly potent, but not like the coming one.

April is looking pretty raucous.