We live in a Democracy

Jan 22, 2013

Politics and business.

We live in a Democracy. This means that the people are in control of government via their elected representatives. These representatives pass laws according to the will of the people who elected them.Not the representatives personal biases, party planks, or lobbied special district interest.Not corporations.No corporate entity exists without employees, who are the people.Corporate lobbyists are not elected.If corporate interests are not being addressed by elected officials, then the people, their employees have wide open avenues to express their interests to their representatives.

Just the people.Given a modicum of integrity, these representatives should be able to pass laws and perform the function of governing the country.This amounts to enhancements and protections of our chosen way of life that individual States or local entities could not execute, or ill afford.

Like Interstate Highways.A strong and robust Military for protection and defense of our country, it’s beliefs and borders, or incursions of hostiles. Or an efficient, effective, national energy distribution grid. Import and export control of global commodities.A national monetary system that promotes equitable and free trade and prevents graft,greed,corruption and inequitable profit taking, from destroying the system of capitalism we strive to enjoy for the good of all.A fair and impartial justice system.The ability of an individual citizen to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without fear of discrimination.

These are a few of the things I believe we stand for, and our government should uphold.All are too big for individual states to accomplish, which is why we need the Federal Government.

Unfortunately, 200 years of modifications to “representative government” have tilted the table away from the individual representation it was designed to be. For instance…

When did being Republican or Democrat become mutually exclusive? Don’t they both have good ideas for a lot of constituents? Not either or, all the time.

When did the concept of total control of the Congress, Supreme Court, and the Presidency,(The three branches of government our entire system is predicated on) supersede governing the Union of States. Not black and white, up or down. A Democracy. No one gets every thing they want. Just some of it. And, we are a better people for it. Give a little.