Unique Eclipse of the Moon

If you read this, then you know physics spin up my gyroscope.
Nothing does that more than an immutable celestial event.

One is coming on Sunday, at 6:00 PM Mountain Time.
This will be a TOTAL eclipse of the moon, right at moonrise, for us.
It is also when the moon is at perihelion. Meaning the closest to the Earth.
For us in the west, this also means that the moon will appear larger than any other time
for the next 18 years…
And, a total eclipse will occur concurrently.
This celestial event will last for over three hours.

In my experience, nothing brings the scope of life, and our understanding of it, into focus, quite like this.

It is, undeniably reality.

Not reality TV.
Reality. Relativity. Light and PHYSICS!

I am not talking about the shadow of Kanye passing over Kim Kardashian’s Butt

So, get real and observe.
It is awe inspiring.
Just take the time to View it. 6:00 to 10:00 MST