Today is national Pi day

3.14. And in Cern we have come a bit closer to declaring the Higgs Boson (the God Particle) found!

They probably would have been more certain in the declaration had it not been so close to the anointment of a new Pope, because you would not want to steal the thunder,or boson, from that ceremony.

Any way, I didn’t realize the God Particle was lost to start with. Einstein knew it was around somewhere – like in the dish on the side table in the entry hall. So good news! Now we can go places!

What I find interesting is ALL religions espouse belief in a higher being, benevolent mostly, un-asailable,and all knowing. But un-proveable, except in the context of the creator of all things. Their most fervent debaters deride and discount science and physics since it doesn’t mesh with their timelines. Things like the age of dinasaurs, geologic history, neanderthals and so on.

Science and Physics do account for these theological anomalies through carbon dating, anthropological DNA, geological timelines, the speed of light, and so on.

Here is where it gets interesting. Science shows that all things (we know of) came from something called the Big Bang Theory. This is a ridiculous name for anything, for starters. But it says that a Long, Long time ago everything (we know of) was in one place. That is like saying that Chris Chistie pulled all the McDonalds in the world into his house. No, sorry that’s not fair. Everything in one tiny spot. REALLY tiny. Like smaller than my – no – a millionth of a billionth of the head of a pin. Just imagine Dick Cheney, Steven Spielberg, Dick Nixon, Ellen Degenerss, Mick Jagger, Hitler, Napoleon all spinning around in this tiny space with whales, bees, rats, Condors, stars, planets, and Snoop Dog. Any way, all of everything crammed into this tiny space, and guess what? It exploded! Then it expanded everywhere (we know of) and created the world we live in as a by-product.

Now, this is pretty hard to believe in and of itself, but with the finding of the God Particle on the side table of physics, it may be true.

So, here is my question. Who put all that crap into that tiny space? Obviously it would explode! Who was it? Doesn’t that lead us back to the same place – different time line as the theologians?