Recently there have been a number of seemingly outrageous acts of violence in our country.

Let’s start with Amadou Dialou in NYC. Shot 41 times while reaching for his ID after coming out of a wedding.

Now, I would like to believe that all peace officers have fire arm training. They can shoot to wound, or disable, or kill. We all can’t be Mel Gibson in whatever that movie was, where he makes a happy face on the shooting range target. It would be nice to believe so, but in the heat of the moment it is not true.

Next, let’s go to Ferguson MO. Now that dude was big and seemingly stole some cigars from a convenience store, with some hutspah. So the police came to track him down. Shot him dead several times.

Now, if you are stealing cigars from a convenience store, you do not need to be shot. You will die soon enough from the idea of doing so. Those are cigars that you do not want to light.

Then we have the outrage over the response of the populace, and the law enforcement response, to the riots that followed. Tear gas: Looting: MRAPS: which stands for Mine Resistant Anti- Personnel carriers. They weigh in excess of 20 tons. Similar to an 18 wheel semi in a Suv package. Clearly an over reaction on all sides.

Let’s loot the store that was robbed of some cheap ass cigars, and any other stores we feel like. That will make things better. And let’s put out some IED’s so the police can utilize their military equipment.

Then the news outlets began asking why civil Police need Military Equipment.

Now, in L.A. with a bank robbery perhaps. But in most places, not so much.

Automatic weapons, yes, in big cities, but, police forces have never not had access to those, if needed.Rare.

So the talking heads have griped on to this idea to attack the Fed for selling off military hardwear to local LEO’s. Fine.

Put it in National Guard Armories. No Problem. You can access it if you need it.

The larger question that needs to be asked is not that the Fed sells this stuff, it is who applies to acquire it…

A Sheriff in middle America applied for 100 bayonets.

Really? Really.

Sheriffs are elected  officials.

So I cannot help but wonder…

You elected a PEACE OFFICER to give the order,  to his charges, “Fix Bayonets!”

So the question is, what was he thinking, and why was he elected? Bayonets? Why did he buy them on the tax payer dime?

For local law enforcement?

Sure the fed will sell them, but what are they for?

Anti-aircraft and .50 cal, mortars are on the table

So no one asks that question…

Why would local LEO.s need that kind of fire power?

Are we really that paranoid?


Just today, a shopper at a Wal-mart was shot and killed  by police in Ohio. For picking up a BB gun to purchase. A shopper thought he was a killer.

Though he was buying a bb gun, so he never thought he was in danger, and the bb gun was on the shelf, he was shot and killed.

Perhaps the toy gun should have been boxed.

Instead, he was killed while on the phone with his wife and son, because the Police thought it was a real threat. It was a bb gun!

They cannot tell the difference? It is Wal- Mart.

He was given  AN OPPORTUNITY  to drop it, it never occurred to him, BECAUSE IT IS NOT A WEAPON!


He was just walking around trying to purchase the item.

Perhaps items like that  should be boxed. Or do not sell them.




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