Sex media and politics

Lately many accusations have been flying around and about this.
Well, here is what I think.
We have the Kevin Spaced into weirdness, the Harvey Wienoff, the Attorney General of Georgia, Louie CK. All are weird and unbelievable to me.
Now as a child of the sixties I do not understand this, at all.
When I was in high school, boys talked about 1st base- second base and so on for their sexual exploits, Mostly, but not always made up…
But, as a grown man, to invite a person of the fairer sex to your room to watch you whack off is none of those. No base running, not any romance. No love and reciprocation.
So. What the hell is that?
A Bunt?
A game not worth the bases run.

Then we have the AG. in the deep redneck south lurking at malls and – well whatever – 30 years ago.
Women, or girls simply did not go up against that. It is not long after “Easy Rider”.
That culture, which I am about to immerse myself in, did not blink an eye at that.
On the surface, many have claimed electioneering, to come out now.
Sounds good on twitter.
But, the reality is women were not empowered to make those claims,then.
If they were women of age, (I doubt),they would have been tarred and feathered if they did.
It was the Attorney General after all.
Who, is hanging out at a mall?
Must have been underpaid.

Then we have Harvey, who I would not let my dead mother visit in his room.
I mean, money and power is kind of useless if all you can do is bunt. Hit a homer or at least try to steal second!
Don’t just stand there by the cactus league dribbling.

Finally, we have Kevin.
Now, I am old, but not without ambition…
But, even as a young man, drug addled or otherwise intoxicated,
if his hand came near my zipper, for any reason, he would not have left the bar the way he came in.
And not just the zipper you are thinking of- any zipper on my person.