Recently, two icons of our world passed away. Seemingly disparate in character, they were both wise and eloquent in their lives.

Nelson Mandela and Peter O’Toole.

Both were articulate and used those skills to maximum affect in their chosen professions.

Mandela suffered thirty years of imprisonment to come out stronger, with no avarice, or revenge, and changed not only a country, but the world view of right and wrong.

And he did it with words. Off the top of his head, his eloquence, and articulation of thought, insight, and wit was legendary.

Peter O’ Toole likewise was extremely articulate. His love of language and ability to express his thoughts, outside of acting, was and is impressive. But my Kudos go to him for living life large, albeit on a different stage.

While surely there is a new generation of people so imbued with the skill, I can think of few.

So, learn to be articulate. Make the words you choose to speak mean what you want to get across. Choose carefully. Have Impact.

And live life large.