clocks STEM and teens

Recently a teen in Texas was handcuffed and arrested for making a clock, that some rednecks decided was a bomb!
Now there are so many things wrong here, I can not even address them all.
First, if teachers of physics and engineering cannot tell the difference, then they should not be qualified to teach.
He is a 14 year old, skinny dweeb. Not a football player. Baseball player.
Just a smart kid who made something neat. Due to his CURIOSITY INGENUITY and intelligence.
Like making a Heath kit radio in my day…
But instead of congratulating him on his curiosity and ingenuity, we arrested him, for no reason other then paranoia.

Are we really so paranoid, scared, and stupid, that a KID, with initiative is arrested?

We strive to make STEM-(Science,Technology,Engineering and Math) important in education.
The US falls far behind in these curriculum, yet we arrest students who clearly excel in those disciplines.
And most sadly of all,one who did well with it.

COME ON! Lets grow some common sense.