Albert’s Thoughts : Presidential and media

As a child of the 60′s, and paying attention to stuff, it amazes me me how much has come true and how much has spun totally off the rails…

For instance, Ozzie and Harriet slept in separate beds.

Really? Even I knew that Eddie Haskell came from somewhere.

Anyway, I have a dream. That commercials from now were played then. Just to see the reaction.

Boner Pills, adult diapers, Victorias Secret… ( Oh man The beaver would have Tivo’d that and sold it to Eddie!) Paris hilton selling cars? Cars that lasted for 150,000 miles? Take any commercial from the present and insert it into the 60′s and fun would be had.

This of course was when a presidential candidate needed to be and look, well presidential.

Strong, experienced, handsome and skilled.(Kennedy). Not unshaven and belligerent.(Nixon) Easy going and intelligent.(Carter) Big, handsome, famous and humorous. (Reagan). Schooled, intelligent, musical and horny. (Clinton). Backstopped by power brokers and confused.(George W) Salt of the earth scholar and minority. (Obama)

Obviously, this takes us from the 60s to now.

Now, we have candidates using euphemisms for their hands as penis size. Really? They all look presidential, but the podiums impede my ability to determine their package. If that matters. None of them look presidential, nor do they conduct themselves so.

It does not matter.

If it did, then Johnson would still hold office, because anyone who needs special pants made for their cohones is obviously qualified.

Then we have THE BERN.

Well he could do well. Cause he is to old to take any shit from anyone.

Then, we have Hillary.

She hopefully does not have balls. But the whole pant- suit thing makes me wonder.

Let alone Bill.