Albert’s Thoughts Election timer

Ok. I have avoided this for ever, but can’t hold my tongue anymore.

Clearly anyone who wants to be POTUS is a power broker, by definition. And I can’t say that we as a people, have always put our best foot forward in that regard.

For decades, candidates have vomited out half truths, lies, and other assorted BS in order to be elected. Nothing new. But this year goes beyond pale. Or the pail of bullshit.

This is not just because of the candidates, but the News Media ignoring glaring truths in order to garner ratings, and dumb down the facts for their viewers, who they believe are ignorant, stupid, myopic, and unable to think for themselves.

This, I believe, is true as you watch news feeds of floods and hurricanes with people driving Prius’s or even F-250′s into flood waters, and getting stranded or rescued in water any normal person could wade out of. (Though in most cases you would not want that water on you- none the less)

Anyway, the point is this. They both have their peccadillos. Who doesn’t?

Let’s take Hillery first.

Libya. Bhenghazi. Our ambassador decided to go to an outpost that was un-defended on an anniversary of 9/11. We as a country were not prepared to defend that locale. The military had limited resources for that adventure, and nothing within striking distance to change it.

Then we have Bill. But he is not running. Although, going down under the Resolute desk must have some Kudo’s, you will not “go down” in history. Or maybe.

Then she has some fallacies, Or Phalllicies. Apparently they have moved past that. After all, he is a Rhodes scholar. I mean, if you can’t get a BJ under the desk after that, what do they teach?

Oh, and then the E-mails. Well I am almost 60, do not have a cell phone, and can bearly use my confuser.


Ok. Now Trump.

Besides his numerous innuendos, about immigrants, Muslims, ISIS, and so forth, his sexual talk is above and beyond.

Here is the thing. It was not “locker room talk”.

I have been in many of those rooms, and it is about cleaning up, changing clothes and not about your sexual conquests – which he did not do, but instead foisted himself on girls and women.

But here is what is most disturbing. The Media.Why did this happen on the Access Hollywood bus?

Pretty sure it was not a locker room. Or that he has seen one in 50 years.

Plus, ¬†the last debate he ¬†claimed victory in “every pole”.

Well, I put no faith in poles, but just because you say it , does not make it true.

If that were true, I would be POTUS