Albert’s thoughts. Big box’s

For 23 years I have strived to sell quality equipment in a crowded market.
I believe in that, and the gear I sell.
When you are out in the Escalante Desert hundreds of miles from help or the nearest gear store, or on a Grand Canyon trip on the river, or hiking the canyon, or on Cataract canyon, or skiing area, or backcountry, extreme or casual you don’t want your gear to fail.
I do not sell failure.
This is an issue because unlike Sports Authority,Cabbalas, or other big box stores I sell quality and experience.
Is it cheap? No.
Is it expensive? No. given the longevity of the product,functionality, and multi-use.
This makes your experience pleasant and enjoyable.When you are THERE.
As the landscape for retail morphs, keep in mind the little guys who sell service, quality, and experience.
Not bulk, discounts, and push.
This is what makes our country great. Not corporate greed, or profit ahead of experience.
I appreciate your business.