Albert’s thoughts

I have tried to hold my tongue during the circus that the 2016 Presidential campaign has become.

I am neither Republican or Democrat. I am a natural born citizen of the United States of America.

All parties have good ideas that should be incorporated into our society. Not one or the other.


Now, semantics in these campaigns have come to the fore – in large part due to the press, who have forgotten the “Who, What, When, Where, Why ” rules of true journalism. Reporting news is not a sound byte. It should be unbiased truth.

Sometimes these bytes become so pervasive that the true meaning and even pronunciation of the words are abrogated.

The reason I write this is because a veteran recently gave Donald Trump his Purple Heart.

He responded with gratitude and as much grace as he has, that “I always wanted one”.


Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, The Congressional  Medal of Honor.

Ok. These are not awards. They are honors bestowed upon the deserving.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is usually, given posthumously. This means you are dead when you and your family receive  it.

The Silver and Bronze  star still require a level of valor and dedication to duty.

The Purple Heart is honoring those who have sustained wounds on the battlefield. This means being shot, hit by shrapnel, IED overpressure injuries, Gas, … the list goes on and on as our ability to wreak havoc on the field of battle increases with our brutality and the technology to execute it.

Receiving a Purple Heart is an Honor for service in battle. Not an award.

An Award you WIN , for a high school bowling trophy.

A Purple Heart is an honor you receive for being wounded on the field of battle.

Now, Mr. Trump claims that he always wanted one.

Having some one give you one does a diservice  to the medal.

Here is the thing.

Mr. Trump did not earn it. To do so requires a specific set of circumstances. Like putting your own ass in harms way.

To receive one as a gift degrades the entire process.

So, really what he was saying is that he WANTED TO GO GET SHOT!

No sane human being asks to get a Purple Heart. You have to be shot or wounded in battle to get one.

Now, I don’t know if Jack Kennedy got one for the action involved with PT-109 but likely, and more.

He did not ask for it.

These are not baseball trading cards. You EARN  them through service to your country.