Albert’s thoughts

Dolores Water Conservancy DistrictThe much anticipated Dolores river flow is pushed off till next weekend.

Having run it since the 70′s and been down there several times in the last 5 years,
it will be weird.
Rockfall has occurred in several areas, in addition to rampant Tamarisk overgrowth.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Flora growth of all kinds has invaded nearly all put in and take out areas.let alone camp sites. Nasty mud and spooge is layed down through-out the corridor – to the point that even moderate flows are killing fish from the sediment stir. A 5 day flow of 1500 to 2000 cfs is forecast- making it runable, but not enough to scour the water course.
Therefore, it will be difficult camping with all kinds of objects getting entrained in the high flows, not seen for 5 years.
In addition to channel changes due to silt, overgrowth, rockfall and detritus getting flushed.
However, it still is the Dolores Canyon. Which will exist long after we tire of messing it up.