Albert’s thoughts

Recently transgendered bathrooms have been all the rage in our absurd news cycle.
I cannot resist.

I am a man. When going to a public relief room, there is only one thing I am interested in… relief.
Typically, these facilities have a wall of urinals where everyone picks a unit.
You do not look left, or right. Converse. Or engage in ANYTHING other than relieving yourself.
Sometimes, in large bars, or convention centers, they can be pretty disgusting.

I worry about my shoes.

Or, you go to a stall-depending on your need.
Either way, it is a brief ,semi-private endeavor.
Living in the west as I do, often travels take one to places of limited facilities.
These then are deemed unisex.
Fine. If it is occupied, I will wait. No problem.
So, why is this a thing?

This is where I get confused.
If you are a man, identifying as a woman, then in the ladies room there are only stalls. So who would know? Just go…
Near as I can tell, there are no walls of urinals in the ladies room.

Now, if you are female, identifying as male, use the stall. No one will know.
You will be fine.

Unless you have a wide stance.

Just to be clear, I HAVE NO ISSUE with any of this nonsense.
Just enjoy life and be a real person on the planet.

So, the point is this.
If you are a trans man, then the ladies room only has stalls, use them and get over it.

If you are a trans lady, well fine. Use the stalls as well.
Using the urinals is not an option.
If you look l. and R there will be confusion and discord.

Penis transplants are not available.
rendering a urinal unusable.So you use the stall
No Problem. I don’t care.

Of course, I could be wrong.
But I am pretty sure they are not like under-the table kidney trasnplants.
From some third world country.

I mean, do you want one of those?
Or where do you even get one?
Hugh Hefner might be almost done with his…
But that thing has been places.

What with 3D printing you could get an “artificial”new one – but where is the fun in that.

Any way, the donar pool for penis’s is pretty limited.
No one in the boner pool is likely to sign up.
I know mine is not for sale, as I would like to hold on to it.

But, more importantly, why are we even thinking about this?

Just go. Get over it. Continue forth.
Then go do something worthwhile.