9/11 what happened to me part 1

In 2001 I had been running my little store for 8 years. Acquiring product means going to trade shows where you order product for the next season, usually 9 months in advance. These happen all over the country, but that year I used Denver for the WWSRA show at the Merchandise Mart in N Denver. These are equal parts fun and pain as suits try to foist product down your throat, and innovative new break through product is discovered.

A friend had acquired  a Porsche 928, and offered to accompany me, and drive, if I got him in to show (it is not open to the public) . Just to stretch it’s legs. Well, duh.

Monday, September 10.

We departed. US 550 and US 50 over Monarch Pass and 285 into Denver. An Interesting drive in any vehicle, but fun in a Porsche. By late in the evening we checked into my cheap motel 6. Unfortunately, some crack heads and stoners checked in to the adjacent room and kept us up in fitful sleep till 3AM.

Tuesday, September 11, 6:00 am.MDT

We got up to shower and dress for the show. The news feed was on the tube. Registration for the show at 8:00 am. I was focused on navigating the Mouse trap to I-25 and finding parking. As I exited the shower my buddy said, “you gotta look at this”.

I did. But the talking heads were completely confused. As was everyone. Now, I had been to the World Trade Center before. An Impressive building.

As a country boy from Colorado, Hard to grasp. The immensity of one alone, let alone two. I could not believe I would even be  granted access to such a towering edifice . We went to Windows on the World. At the top.110 stories.

In the motel room I watched as the first plane hit. The talking heads said,

” a small plane”  and more bullshit. Now, I could see from the brief snippets of video, this was not a small plane. I had been there.

Any way, we left to go register for the show and complete our appointments.By the time we arrived, and registered, carts were being rolled out with TV’s on them showing the next plane hit the S tower. People all around were shocked, dismayed, in a state of denial.

Many of the vendors were already in their booths, ready for commerce, and un- aware.

No one knew.

Then we watched the towers fall… both in succession.