Unique Eclipse of the Moon

If you read this, then you know physics spin up my gyroscope. Nothing does that more than an immutable celestial event. One is coming on Sunday, at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. This will be a TOTAL eclipse of the moon, … Continued


Yesterday we lost, peacefully, another REAL PERSON on the planet. He did more to enrich linguistics than anyone, before Dan Quail, Jesus, and John Cleese. His Berraisms are so legendary that they have become part of our lexicon, daily, in … Continued

clocks STEM and teens

Recently a teen in Texas was handcuffed and arrested for making a clock, that some rednecks decided was a bomb! Now there are so many things wrong here, I can not even address them all. First, if teachers of physics … Continued

El Nino Continued…

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY… Now that we have a loose grip on some of the variables that make our weather,let’s go a little more in depth before confronting EL NINO. As the Earth tries to attain equilibrium, one of the larger … Continued

El Nino facts and guesses

A lot of noise has been made about this, this year. A lot was made last year, too. Though it did not come to fruition until late in the spring. Now as we move into fall and winter the veracity … Continued